Niwa Medical Wear

Niwa medical wear. Manufacturer of stylish, functional and durable medical. Medical uniforms with a unique look that compliment and add value to your personal or company image. Reflecting your brand identity

Our Medical range is available in both traditional and new, funky colour combinations, our durable garments are specifically designed for individuals or companies in the medical industry who are in need of a uniform type of dress code, contributing towards a cohesive and professional appearance. For those with a more individual flair, you can also customize your colour combinations

If you need a uniform type of dress code, contributing towards a cohesive, professional look, and creating an aesthetically and pleasing sense of style and crispness to the wearer, look no further.

Our medical and corporate wear sets a constant standard for all your staff to adhere to and create a stylish appearance on any body shape, whilst maintaining a classy and classic look.

It is appealing to individuals or entities looking for a unique look that compliments and adds value to their own company, reflecting and expressing their own brand identity.

Our products are manufactured from quality fabric and the manufacturing process guarantees a quality and durable end product that is suitable for day to day use. It is well designed for a comfortable fit, yet maintaining a professional appearance and feel, setting you apart from your competitors.

Niwa Clothing (Pty) Ltd is based in Port Elizabeth and we firmly believe in the potential of our city. We strive to create sustainable employment amongst impoverished and disadvantaged communities, creating prosperity to all stakeholders. The city of Port Elizabeth is located in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. This province is well known statistically to be the poorest amongst the nine provinces and is in dire need of local job and wealth creation, not only contributing in a sustainable manner to the welfare of the city and region but also that of the country, bringing dignity and purpose to its residents.

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